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· Concerti Repertoire ·
  Sonya Bach, pianist

J.S. Bach

Concerto No. 1 in D minor BWV 1052

Concerto No. 2 in E major BWV 1053

Concerto No. 3 in D major BWV 1054

Concerto No. 4 in A major BWV 1055

Concerto No. 5 in F minor BWV 1056

Concerto No. 7 in G minor BWV 1058

L. van Beethoven

Concerto no. 1 Op. 15 in C Major

Concerto no. 3 Op. 37 in C Minor

Concerto no. 4 Op. 58 in G Major

Concerto no. 5 Op. 73 in E-flat Major

J. Brahms

Concerto no. 1 Op. 15 in D Minor

Concerto no. 2 Op. 83 in B-flat Major

B. Britten

Concerto Op. 13

F. Chopin

Concerto no. 1 Op. 11 in E Minor

Concerto no. 2 Op. 21 in F Minor

G. Gershwin

Rhapsody in Blue

E. Grieg

Concerto in A Minor

F. Liszt

Concerto no. 1 in E-flat Major

Concerto no. 2 in A Major

Concerto no. 3 in E-flat Major,

Op. Posth. (S.125a)


E. MacDowell

Concerto no. 2 Op. 23 in D Minor

F. Mendelssohn 

Concerto no. 1 Op. 25 in G Minor

Concerto no. 2 Op. 40 in D Minor

X. Montsalvatge

Concierto Breve

W.A. Mozart

Concerto K. 271 no. 9 in E-flat Major

Concerto K. 414 no. 12 in A Major

Concerto K. 453 no. 17 in G Major

Concerto K. 459 no. 19 in F Major

Concerto K. 466 no. 20 in D Minor

Concerto K. 467 no. 21 in C Major

Concerto K. 488 no. 23 in A Major

Concerto K. 537 no. 26 in D major

S. Prokofiev

Concerto no.1 Op. 10 in D-flat Major

Concerto no.3 Op. 26 in C Major

S. Rachmaninov

Concerto no.1 Op. 1 in F-sharp Minor

Concerto no.2 Op. 18 in C Minor

Concerto no.3 Op. 30 in D Minor

Rhapsody on a Theme by Paganini Op.43

M. Ravel

Concerto in G Major

C. Saint-Saëns

Concerto no. 2, Op.22 in G Minor

R. Schumann

Concerto Op. 54 in A Minor

Introduction and Allegro Appassionato, Op. 92

Introduction and Allegro, Op. 134

P.I. Tchaikovsky 

Concerto no.1 in Bb Major

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